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 So... Why Choose Reflexology? 

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the art and science of applying thumb and finger pressure to points (reflexes) on the hands, feet, face, and/or ears which produce referral sensations that in turn help to relax and balance the body’s systems.

Reading the Feet/Hands/Face/Ears is the art and science of identifying visual, textural, and walking patterns (markers) that relate to a person’s current and past levels of physical, mental, and emotional tension.

Why Choose Reflexology?

Standard full-body massage works from the outside-in, working muscles, while research shows that the nervous system is the body’s control center and without the permission of your nervous system your muscles will continue to be tight after a full-body massage session.

Reflexology facilitates the holistic balance of your nervous system by pressing specific points (called ‘reflexes’) on the feet, hands, face, and/or ears which then gives the entire body permission to relax through the nervous system.

Because we don’t waste time by trying to massage out tension, or jump from muscle group to muscle group, Reflexologists are able to quickly relax the entire body with lasting results, giving you more value out of your session time.

In the process of relaxing the body, your organs, joints, glands, and other body structures also respond as a side-effect of the work being done. Reflexology is unique because the body responds by releasing tension from every corner simply by pressing these reflex points, giving you an all-over massage sensation with deeper benefits.

Reflexology's History

In the modern era Reflexology started as 'Zone Therapy', developed by William H. FitzGerald and Dr. Joe Shelby Riley, which proceeded to evolve into Reflexology through the work of Eunice Ingham.

Eunice, the mother of Reflexology, mapped the feet, hands, and developed the alternating pressure techniques as a way to restore much needed balance to the body's systems.

Upon her death in 1974 Eunice was a very successful lecturer and author. Her fundamental mapping of the body onto the feet and hands gave us the Reflexology we know in the West today.

Traditionally, there are four schools of Reflexology practiced across the world: Feet, Hands, Face, and Ears. Each school focuses on the same principal of the whole body being reflected in the extremities. A qualified Reflexologist, regardless of school or technique, should be able to accurately read and efficiently apply technique to one or more of the four major areas used for Reflexology.

At The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute, Sam Belyea teaches and practices all four schools of Reflexology. This gives students and clients a broader experience from an expert in the Reflexology community. 

 Walking the Digestive Reflexes 
 Getting started with Reflexology 


Before your first Reflexology session you will be asked to fill out a simple form to list your medical history and the current issues you are struggling with. Your Reflexologist will sit with you and discuss your symptoms, how you are feeling as a whole, and what experiences can be expected during the first few sessions.

Sessions at the institute are performed in a private room and on professional bodywork tables which are properly bolstered and padded to ensure excellent support of the spine and joints during the session.

Reflexology sessions are always performed while the client is fully clothed. The surface(s) chosen before the session will be the only area(s) worked. Up to two of the four schools of Reflexology may be implemented during a single session i.e. hands and feet, face and ears, or any combination of the two. For deeper results, a single surface should be chosen i.e. just the feet or just the face. This will allow the body to focus on the simula being received without the need to shift focus half way through the session.

As you relax and unwind questions are welcome, however your Reflexologist will remain quiet if not engaged so you can enjoy the benefits of your session while listening to soothing music in the background.

Reflexology sessions at The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute are goal oriented towards recovery and are provided in a relaxing environment. Sessions can be booked online or over the phone.

Step One: First Session
When you come in for your first session at the institute we will be more able to recommend a regimen based on your goals and the level of discomfort your issues cause daily. A full hour of Reflexology is recommended for your first Reflexology session regardless of the surface area chosen to receive the technique.

Step Two: Setting the Regimen
Based on your schedule and our recommendations we will set up a session plan together which will begin more intensely then decrease to a more preventative maintenance style based on how quickly your body chooses to respond.

Step Three: Additional steps
When talking with your Reflexologist about your current situation, suggestions on additional modalities or activities that could heighten your results will also be discussed. The services at the institute can serve as additional support during your shift towards recovery as well as referrals to our connections with superior licensed health providers in the area can be given.

Step Four: Adjusting your Regimen
The happiest moment of a Reflexology regimen is when you begin to feel more in control of your state of health. Based on your comfort level, your regimen of Reflexology sessions can be spaced further apart towards a more preventative goal.

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