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 What is a Foot Reading Consultation? 

By Sam Belyea a.k.a. The Foot Whisperer

When I started practicing Reflexology there was a clear shift when I started to ‘get good’. My clients would just stare at me, having been blown away by what I just relayed about them from only working on their feet. That’s what earned me the nickname of Foot Whisperer.

Now, having expanded my craft of Reflexology into the hands, face and ears, there is no bump, blemish or injury that goes un-read in my practice. My reputation has also spread and I receive requests from students, clients and relatives of clients to provide sessions where we talk about the meaning behind the issues on their feet and the other extremities. Requests have also come in from my client's friends, family and my other students who live out of state. Remote and live Foot Reading Consultations have now become a natural addition to my service menu in addition to the hands-on technique of Reflexology.

There are a few 'ground rules' that I’ve discovered along the way and hopefully blog post this will inform you as to whether you or someone you know should consider a Foot Reading Consultation. Let’s start with the basics and go from there…


What happens during the consultation?
Clients coming in to see me for a live Reflexology session receive the hands-on Reflexology technique. Following the technique, I would then share my findings in a brief five minute exchange. However, the information I find often takes more than that small window to digest. During a Foot Reading Consultation, my clients do not receive the hands-on technique. Instead, the entire session is conversational, educational and feedback oriented based on a simple assessment and the things I see during that assessment. The feet always have a lot to say!

But, because no hands-on technique is applied, these sessions can be done via an internet video conference application like Skype (which is free and easy to download). However, local clients can come into the institute as well if they would like the session to be face to face.

How the consultations work is simple. The first step requires that I take a look at the feet visually, with added assistance from the hands, face and ears as well. I look for physical changes in the tissues known as 'markers' (such as irritation, painful spots, shape distortions, injuries, color changes and different textures) to determine what state the person is in. Likewise, I ask for a detailed explanation of what current concerns someone is facing and where any discomfort in the extremities is being felt.

Based on those concerns and what I’ve visually assessed, I then lead an in depth conversation about topics such as body constitution, personality profile, lifestyle factors, pain patterns, stress level and preventative maintenance strategies that would benefit that specific client. If there is cause for concern I will also refer them to the proper medical professional, but the session's goal is to help each client decode the messages hidden within their body to live a more fulfilled life by taking an accurate inventory of what is happening in the feet and other extremities.

Overall, the process is fun, informative and resembles a strategic coaching session. The thing that makes it interesting is that I only use Reflexology theory and the visual markers on the feet, hands, face and/or ears to obtain the information we discuss. That's my unique brand of weird and the method is amazingly thorough; it's how I have built the success of my practice to date!

Who should schedule a consultation?
A consultation takes place because the client feels that the body is trying to vocalize a specific message, but they can't figure out what that message is. Up until that point there may be a history of chronic pain, specific dis-ease or a feeling of being generally out of balance. This is when a longer conversation needs to be had with a trusted professional who can interpret the meaning behind the symptomology being experienced. The discussion is very powerful and helps create a shift for the client on all levels.

Often, clients who seek a consultative approach with me have tried multiple forms of bodywork, medical intervention and specialty advice to no avail. The problem is that the body isn't being heard and no amount of pushing, pulling or cutting can repair that damaged bond; it has to come from within. Instead, Reflexology theory provides a fresh and compassionate perspective based on mending the relationship between the person and their body by analyzing the extremities.

Tips for scheduling a remote session:
If you are not local or would prefer the convenience of having a consultation online in the comfort of your own home, check out these tips to streamline the process:

1) Skype account
Being able to access a Skype account, knowing what your username is so I can find you and having a basic understanding of technology so that we can set up the video call makes the process effortless. Try having a few video calls with friends/family (even if they are in the same house!) just to get a feel for how it works.

2) Time zones
I’m in Tampa, FL. I am very lucky to have worked with many clients from various time zones, but make sure that you know we will be scheduling the session between 9am and 7pm EST and to be aware of the time difference.

3) Lighting and maneuverability
Because I rely on my visual assessment of the extremities in question there needs to be adequate lighting and ability to move the camera on the phone/tablet/computer. This way I can clearly see the details present.

4) Know your timeline
When did the symptom start? How long does it last? Does it happen at certain times of the day? Those will be my first questions. Knowing when a symptom started is the most important. Once that is established we can get into things like surrounding stressors at the time, interpreting where the symptom is located and putting together the body’s message.

5) Come with questions
The more you are curious about the better! Everything is relevant in terms of Reflexology theory, so when you schedule a session be prepared with lots of questions to fuel our dialogue. Many of my clients are (or have become) students of Reflexology through our live/online courses, if you have Reflexology theory or application questions this is also a great time to ask!

Tips for scheduling a live Foot Reading session at the institute:
If you are local and would like to come to the institute so you can personally interact with me during our session, all you need to do is schedule the appointment by calling the institute at 813-831-9420 or using our online scheduler. Come dressed in comfortable clothes with easy access to the feet, hands, face and ears. That's it!

If you would like to come into the institute, might I suggest that we combine our Foot Reading Consultation with hands-on Reflexology? We can do both! Check the online scheduler for the option of doing a Consultation and Reflexology session where we combine both into our time together.

What I will find...
I will often be asked by clients ‘What will you see when you look at the feet/hands/face/ears?’ and my response is always ‘Whatever the body wants to tell me.’ During a Foot Reading Consultation the goal is to help you interpret what your body is trying to say through the feet and the assistance of the other extremities. I don’t read your future and I only see things from the past that are still working their way through the physical tissues of the body. Concrete and pointed evidence-based interpretation of the reflexes is my goal. Because of that reason, my consultations are very grounded conversations where my clients and I discuss experiences and work together to understand the body’s message.

If you are interested in scheduling a Foot Reading Consultation with Sam, you can do so by visiting our Book Appointment page, by emailing Sam at

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